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Serving Rochester, NY and Surrounding Communities

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Keepers of the Past Estate Sales

Estate Sales & Dispersals in Rochester, NY and surrounding communities

Estate Sales & Dispersals in Rochester, NY and surrounding communities

Estate Sales & Dispersals in Rochester, NY and surrounding communitiesEstate Sales & Dispersals in Rochester, NY and surrounding communities



Online Estate Sale / Auction

We've been selling assets for top dollar for over 35 years. We will market your goods to the right audience to get bidders in competition to buy your things. Auctions start with an opening bid and the price goes up from there! Your sale will be completed in as little as two weeks - starting with a consultation, then high-quality photo-shot, online auction and customer pickup.

Estate Sales

Estate Sales generally disperse 80-90% of the household contents. Our staff will recommend a one to three day sale based on the quantity and quality of the contents. Depending on the item(s), we sometimes recommend belongings be sold at another venue, if to your advantage. On-site organizing and maintenance, online advertising and street signage in the estates’ neighborhood is all included. At your request, following the completion of the sale, the few items remaining may be packed and dispersed to the charity of your choice. You will receive a charitable receipt for tax purposes. 

Outright Purchase

The outright purchase of your estate provides you with a home that is empty and ready to be placed on the market. General interior house cleaning is performed. Purchase price is based on content appraisal, removal and maintenance fees associated with the property.

Cherry Picking

Cherry Picking allows dealers to come and purchase only what they want. You would be responsible to disperse the remaining contents. This works well when estates have many high end antiques or high quality items but not as well with general household items.

Church, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America or Other Charity

Let us orchestrate your donations! Charities will pick-up the contents of the household and provide you a tax donation receipt. Most charities have become very selective; with lists of items they will not accept. General household items are required to be packed prior to donation.